Ottavo Giorno, Torre Fornello's organic wine | Raisened Grapes Wine – Sacramental Wine

Ottavo Giorno, Torre Fornello's organic wine | Raisened Grapes Wine – Sacramental Wine
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Malvasia dolce



Raisened Grapes Wine - Sacramental Wine

“Ottavo Giorno” is born from the provocatative character of the clay soil that favours the expression of the local vines: Bonarda sweet drama is combined with the captivating silkiness of a part of grapes covered by a noble rot. It is a new proposal: Croatina, locally called Bonarda, from an organic agriculture and hand-picked in mid-August.
On 14th March, anno domini 2014, exactly after 1 year and 1 day from the nomination of pope Francesco, pontiff and eight ruler of the state of Città del Vaticano, “Ottavo Giorno” has been certified by the Diocese in Piacenza-Bobbio as “Sacramental Wine”.

Type: ORGANIC, still, sweet, 100% fermentation and aging in barriques for 13 months
Grape variety: 85% Bonarda (Croatina), 15% grapes covered by a noble rot and organically produced
Year of planting: 2000
Training system: Low Guyot
Soil: Clayey, medium alkaline
Average yield per hectare: 6000 Kg in plant, 2700 Kg per hectare after drying
Alcohol content: circa 13 – 13,5% vol.
Sugar residual: 50 – 90 g/l
Serving temperature: 10-12°C
Vinification: Grapes are left to dry is small boxes (1Kg) in a naturally ventilated and fresh withering room until they are ready to be pressed (approximately 4 months later); the Bonarda grapes are laid on a bed of grapes covered by a noble rot, immediately separating the must from the grapes skin (soft and “white” press), thus obtaining a delicate dusty rose color.
Organoleptic characteristics: Amber rosé color, florid scent, with notes of fruit in alcohol, orange peel and cinnamon with sweet memories. Persuasive on the palate enlivened by sweet freshness, full and long taste for an important emotion.
Pairings: Strong cold cuts, goat cheese, blue cheese, risotto with snails, risotto with truffle, meringue pie with strawberry cream.

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