Torre Fornello | a story made up of characters, their dreams, the love for their territory, its fruits and culture

Torre Fornello


Discover the centuries-old history of Torre Fornello:
a tale woven with characters, their dreams, love for their land, its fruits, and culture.

From a document dating back to 1028, it is evident that Deacon Gerardo, from the Clergy of San Martino, owner of the Fornello lands, still devoid of rural settlements, bequeathed them to a noblewoman from Piacenza.

The first rural settlements date back to the 1200s: the oven ('fornello') was built where limestone rocks, arriving from the nearby area called Calcinara —now part of the vineyards— were baked. Bricks from the neighboring hamlet of Creta were also fired here.

Near Fornello, property of the Sanseverino family, Princes of Naples, the main tower was erected in the 1400s to defend the fiefdom: hence Torre Fornello, preserved until today.

In the 1400s, the fiefdom was acquired by the Counts Zanardi Landi, commanders of Sarmato and Grand Dukes of Tuscany. The manor villa and its dependencies—stables, barn, church, vinsantaia, stable—were built. An unusual and extraordinarily beautiful botanical garden was also created, a rarity in these regions.
The construction thus became an important country manor, usually inhabited by the noble family during the grape harvest months of August, September, and October.

In 1862, Donna Luigia Scotti Douglas, widow of Count Zanardi Landi, Grand Duke of Tuscany, bequeathed the property to her daughter. In her will, she emphasized the importance of keeping the property intact, a legacy that has persisted to this day.

In 1982, the entire estate came under the ownership of the Sgorbati Family, long-standing viticulturists in the surrounding hills.

Enrico Sgorbati resumed his grandfather's winemaking activity in 1992, cultivating the company's vineyards and selling grapes to third parties.

In 1998, Enrico Sgorbati embarked on a new era for Torre Fornello, renovating the ancient family estate while respecting its heritage, imparting prestige and charm to the village with contemporary solutions. Continuing the specialized cultivation of vineyards practiced for generations, Enrico focuses on producing top-quality wines that showcase the native territory, blending passion and perseverance, tradition and innovation, art, and culture.

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